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Here i'll place some links to my friends websites and just some cool places in internet!!


Unsigned Band Web - Websites where unsigned bands publish their music.

The Old Net - I prefer to stay silent... This site - heaven...

Oldschool DAW - Forum, where you find a lot of stuff about old DAWs.

K1b0 - This is my friend's website where he talks about his life and publishes his music!

abeiyu - Website of a very cute girl, that i liked a lot. You should definetly check it out!

CATGIRLS IN YOUR AREA! - Very cute and beautifull website. I loved design a lot, and i love the fact that this site made from 100% pure cuteness.

krefifne - Quite interesting website... You should check it out. If you understand Russian, of course. :3

chococat0112 - This is the web-page of someone... I just randomly surfed around the web(world (haha, reference to Daft Punk...)) and found it. It's very beautifull and i decided that it's a great idea to add a link here.