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New Single - "No Distance Left To Run" From Upcoming Album "Human After All"!

(c) 2002-2003 SiXeR Band!

SiXeR Band - Multi-genre band from UltraWorld, which performs music in styles like Electronic, Synth-Pop, Post-Punk, Rock and House/Techno. Don't ask us how we got from our dimension to yours. Please.

Maybe for all of you we're just a simple band from another dimension, but we'll be happy if we get any feedback from you! E-Mail: kastukevic123456789@gmail.com , or you can use guest book!

The Story Of The Band

SiXeR Band

Our band was formed at the year 2002 somewhere in the middle of summer by the idea of one of the members - Kotetsu.

The purpose of our unification into the music team was, from the words of the boss, "to pump as much money from this slightly obsolete world as possible."

Thank god that music in style 2002 -everything we can do. So question 'bout starting music carrer was finished when it appeared. =)

Thanks to our old acquaintance Azumi (nicknamed "Winter"), we provided a wonderful opportunity to perform live with our songs in one of the best (67th place in the top) music festivals of DigiTown - Rufest. Also, to sign up at the MegaWave Records studio with art director Akaio.

Although many people like our songs, they do not bring us special income (which Kotetsu spoke about). One way or another, is it happiness in this? We still enjoy our favorite business - writing electronic/rock music!



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