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Band's News:

02.01.2004 - Guys, can you believe that "<3" will be a single with music video? We're excited as well! When we finish it we'll 100% upload it here! Stay tuned =)

01.12.2004 - Year 2004 starts with more news about upcoming album. We finished two songs from it - "<3" and "In The House Of Wires". There gonna be 10 songs. Just wait some more!

12.26.2003 - Work under the album is burning. Just wait some more, soon we'll drop out this album! =)
And as well, we wanted to offer something. We would love to keep in touch with our fans so if you have urge to become one of our friends leave your discord ID or e-mail here and be sure that we'll text you. <3

12.25.2003 - We wish y'all a Merry Christmas, guys! Have a good holidays and make sure to be healthy and wait for future release which won't leave any of you disappointed =)

Last Releases:

We're doing a major work with our third album called "In The House Of Wires". Please stay tuned and wait. We understand that it was a lot of time since our last release, but we doing our best to make it good-sounding and not disappoint any of you. The only thing we're going to say for now - this album will be a 180-turn compared to what we wrote before.


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