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SiXeR Band!

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Site by: Kotetsu and Rei from "SiXeR Band!"

(c) 2003 MegaWave Records

Last News:

arrow-right2.gif (141 bytes) Meet our new member - Rei Ikazawa, who's playing on Electric Guitar and Samplers!

arrow-right2.gif (141 bytes) We finally finished our new layout! =)

arrow-right2.gif (141 bytes) New single "Shapes and Colours" from upcoming album "Human After All" is avaliable! (SoundCloud)

SiXeR Band! - Multi-Genre band from UtraWorld which performs in styles like Post-Punk, Rock, Electronic, Synth-Pop and a lot more... (Don't ask us how we got from our demension to yours.)

Under construction.